Mira Purpose

How to access the service

If you want to use Mi.Ra service you must log-in on federa.lepida.it.

After following the instructions given to conclude the registration with success, it will be possible to connect with the cartographic portal http://gis.comune.ra.it/MiRa by using your Username and Password of the Federa account you got on federa.lepida.it.


The idea to perform a telematic database which includes production areas and local business activities comes from the knowledge of how it is difficult to accede easily to the information as regards the availability of areas that adapt both to business activities and their features and the information regarding all the other existing producing activities.

The reason why it is so difficult to accede to these data is related to the fragmented information kept by different local governments and because of the absence of a tool able to summarize them that permits a global view.

Sometimes, on the other hand, these information cannot be consulted by web.

This situation does not permit businessmen and their interlocutors (first of all Associations and Freelancers) – mainly, those who do not work on the territory and that do not directly know its general features – to have a global view of what the Municipality of Ravenna could offer from the economic point of view and its potential.