Project partners

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Comune di Ravenna promoted MiRa as an experimental project, but Camera di Commercio, Provincia di Ravenna, STEPRA, local Associations and Labour Unions contributed to set all the goals and contents related to Mi.Ra, too.

They took part in a specific workshop charged with picking out innovative local marketing projects in range “Agenda per la Qualificazione del Sistema produttivo ravennate”.

 “Agenda per la Qualificazione del Sistema produttivo ravennate” - whose agreement was signed in 2009 by the local Institutions (Comune, Provincia and CCIAA of Ravenna), by entrepreneurial and territorial syndicate organizations and by other very important and territorial protagonists as University, Istituto Scolastico Provinciale, Fondazione Flaminia, Eurosportello and Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna – was a result of a work based on shared planning whose aim was to detect strategic plans, targets and prior interventions about fiscal and social development policies, as well promotion of the territory that led to plan and to perform 7 prior projects whose aims are to innovate enterprises, to qualify human resources, internationalization and a new shared territorial marketing strategy