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MIRA makes use of different informative levels, some of basic cartography, some of town planning while other of territorial marketing.


Basic cartography

Basic cartography lets you display the territory’s technical morphology thanks to aerial photography and thanks to the overlapping of the cadastral basis.

Informative levels include:


  • General placement
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Practicability, hydrography, docks
  • Cadastral lands
  • Other territorial elements (paths, railways, bridges etc.)


Town plannings - Regulations

Instead of basic cartography, it is possible to use RUE and POC cartography in force.






Territorial marketing

The presence of these files on the map, does not depend on the cartography that is being made use of (basic cartography or town planning). They include:


  • Productive areas: urbanized and not urbanized plots (polygons) present on the entire communal territory
  • Enterprises: points in correspondence to the sparse enterprises on the communal territory


In particular, the use of the so-called “cluster” technology is used to show a single enterprise’s location or a group of enterprises on maps on different scale.


  • Single enterprises are represented by a red ring 






  • In case of more enterprises at the same street number, a red ring containing the total number they are is showed 





  • In case of number of enterprises upper to 10 present on the same geographic “area” , some soft red circular areas indicating the exact number of settled enterprises will appear