How to access the service

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If you want to use Mi.Ra service you must log-in on

After following the instructions given to conclude the registration with success, it will be possible to connect with the cartographic portal by using your Username and Password of the Federa account you got on

How to identify available areas

Through the pull-down menu (by pointing the mouse over the map and right click) you can look for the areas you are interested in by setting as parameters: address, productive area or available area.


Through the application Search by address from the main menu, it is possible to search the area you are interested in by setting the following parameters: Place (San Bartolo, Savio, Torri etc.),  Street (Viale Galilei Galileo) and house number.

Through the same application (search by address) into the section "Productive Areas" it is possible to search for an area by choosing the one yuo desire (Bassette, Mezzano 1, Mezzano 2 etc.).

Through the application Search Available Areas it is possible to search a productive area by selecting specific parameters that help in filtering your research.

How to display data about the area

On the cartographic viewer there are some represented queries (for instance Productive Areas) and you can left-click on them.



For each query it is possible to generate a report, the Report selected Area, or read the specific Article (RUE).

On the last part of the research mask selected Report Area you find the option Find Enterprises; thanks to that option it is possible to select a circle useful to identify enteprises.

How to display the data of each enterprise

Enterprises can be visualized on map on a 1:5000 up to 1:1000 and they are represented by red points.

If there were more contiguous enterprises on the same area, a cluster would pop up:

It is enough to point the mouse on those symbols if you want to display the data of the enterprise you are interested in. 

In case of a cluster, a "pinwheel" will pop up to stress each single unit while pointing the mouse.