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From specific research buttons on the right side of the screen you can do the following types of research:

  • Research by address or according to the main productive areas;
  • Research by area. 

Here are images regarding the available researches:

  • Research by address or according to the main productive areas


  • Research by Area


Research can be done according to requirement of interest, using several parameters at the same time: urbanized areas or not; according to the total areas in meters (by selecting a range of interest), according to the typology of the settling activities.

The functions mentioned above let you either visualize your required information in table report, printable, or find the location of areas and enterprises on cartography.

  • Identifying enterprises from a productive area. From the mask of information of the productive area, it is possible to obtain the list of the enterprisesw set within a ray of research ("buffer") you can set up in the section "Find Enterprises":


By clicking on "Find Enterprises" you will view the list of the identified enterprises, where you are allowed to do either a "Print Report" or "Export Enterprise" in CSV format.