What is MiRa?

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MIRA Marketing Integrato Ravenna consists in an experimental data-base that, through the connection to the connecting link SIT (Sistema Informativo Territoriale) belonging to the municipality of the town of Ravenna which includes the different and existing data-bases (leaving from that one of Registro Imprese), organizes cartography, all the regulations in force about urban planning and each information about local business activities under only a telematic system. Thanks to this, all the dates can be easily consulted in a complete and lead way on the web by businessmen, potential investors, trade associations and citizens unions. MiRa, at the same time, represents a support for the local government in order to pick out all the data items and the information you need about the communal economic fabric.

How to access the service

Access Mi.Ra

The data-base described below sets up as a very innovative local marketing tool that aims to conjugates the capacity to provide complete answers to all the potential investors about the most competitive advantages offered by our territory (in terms of fillips, local advantages, existing services, existent economic structure etc.) with the demands of facility and rapidity while gathering the information required.

Such a tool aims to meet not only to a local target, but rather to a national and international target, too, by making use of the most modern computer technologies that comprises the possibility to consult it in English.

Moreover, MIRA was planned as a very flexible tool that has already been devised also for the next implementation that will be considered useful, both to integrate this system by adding further data banks valued as useful, and to expand the typology of the areas and of the settlements in question, that today is limited to the production area, but that will be added to other kind of destinations according to the available means: business, services and tourism-accommodation facilities.