Who does MIRA refer to?

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Each potential user of MIRA is allowed to use it, even if you do not belong to the town administration of Ravenna.


First of all, MIRA refers to potential businessmen/investors who are potentially interested in implementing their own activity on the territory of the township of Ravenna (but also to the existing enterprises which would like to enlarge their activity or which would like to move it to this territory) .

For this purpose, MIRA might be useful to them in order to learn information about the available production areas and their placement and characteristic features.


In this way MIRA lets you access the information both through cartography, by locating the area you are interested in, than through a research based on the parameters you require (dimension of the area, activity whose settlement is possible etc.).

This kind of operation provides a complete list showing the potential free areas which mirror the parameters you are requiring and it also lets you generate a report showing all the information about the various areas which meet your requirements; this gives you the possibility to evaluate all the possible options. 


Secondly, MIRA is at Associations’ and Freelancers’ disposal, so that information about the production areas and the settled enterprises can be got on the Internet, without standing in queue at the front offices, thanks to a driven and organic tool.


At last MIRA represents a valid consultation tool used by Municipality of Ravenna and other forms of Public Administration too, that provides information in a very easy, methodical and updated way, every time you need information to carry on promptly operations of promotion and monitoring of the available areas, to run for regional, national or European announcements, to organize urban plannings, to elaborate plans that operate selectively on territory and to guarantee a greater effectiveness of the economic development policies.