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MIRA is a tool that offers the user a very easy web consultation and many features.

Available features depend on "user's profile":

  • After the first access to the website you automatically get the profile "Promozione del territorio", that lets access to a basic features level.
  • It is possible to update your own profile as "Economic Operator" if you are so qualified, by sending e-mail at: mira@comune.ra.it


How to consult Cartography

Through MIRA homepage you can get the cartography about the communal territory (on scale).

In this way it is immediately possible to:

  • Identify productive areas (and the respective lots if already fractioned) available for new productive settlements and/or for enlargement of the existing ones by three viewable levels: base cartography; cartography UBR (Urban-Building Regulations); cartography of LOP (Loical Operative Plan). On these levels, it is also possible to view the chart of constraints.
  • View the settled economic activities.
  • Identify economic activities present in a certain area (identified according to an optionally range) compared to the productive area of interest: this function is guaranteed by the connection of data from Enterprise Register, periodically updated;

Click on the productive areas of interest or the economic activities to open a report with all available information respectively for the area (sq. m, urban destination, suitable activities, urban regulations, existence of constraints) and for the selected economic activities (ATECO code, typology of activity, base, etc.).

These reports and the cartography can also be printed.